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Production process

Wenger conditioners, Buhler extruders and Geelen driers/coolers. Years of continuous research and experimentation have been capitalised to set up two symmetric production lines each with unique features with regards to chosen machining modules and their operative integration potentials.

Our results are achieved by a process management and control system with dozens of real time tests scheduled during the entire extruded fish feed production cycle.

The system is organised so that feed production only ever starts after having received an order to prevent the traditional need to manage large stocks. This ensures the very best for customers in terms of freshness and quality.

This special high-tech manufacturing process makes our extruded fish feed highly digestible. The presence of anti-nutritional factors is minimised while the bio-availability of all indispensable nutrients for correct, balanced growth (amino acids, vitamins, pigments and functional additives) is preserved.


The Veronesi quality management system complies with international UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards