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Research and development (R&D)

Promoting conservation and protection of the environment and of marine resources without forgoing traditions and quality, and applying the most current knowledge in fish nutrition.

Constant exchanges between research teams in and outside the Group, to compare our experiences with growth and changes in the fishery industry. Continuous feeding tests are developed with qualified university institutes.

State-of-the-art test laboratories monitor the values of all raw materials introduced into the process and the end features of the manufactured feed in real time. In-depth inspections on the appearance of end product are carried out to monitor quality.

Our primary objective is to protect farmed fish quality and profitability while fully respecting both the sustainability of fisheries and the expectations of farmers. The result is competitive, safe fish production with a supply chain that is traceable at all times.


The Veronesi quality management system complies with international UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards